A Message From CUUSP

As Congress and President Obama gear up for bipartisan debate on healthcare reform, I hope they will remember what initially impelled the need for reform: the 45 million people in our nation who lack health insurance and the 45 thousand people who die each year because they can’t get the healthcare they need.

Congress’ top priority must be to ensure that the plan they choose covers the most people possible. In order to achieve this and not break the bank, they need to set up a system that is highly efficient – so that the majority of the money that patients and government put into their healthcare goes towards paying healthcare providers for the patient care they provide and towards the medicines and devices necessary to achieve this care.

This type of efficiency and expanded coverage is at work in our current Medicare program for elderly Americans. What Congress needs to do is to expand this program to cover all people in the United States. Under this type of plan, $400 billion additional dollars would be freed up each year to go towards making and keeping people healthy. Given the growing numbers of people dying, suffering, and going bankrupt due to lack of healthcare, the need for Improved Medicare For All has never been more urgent.