CUUSP members participate in Mobilization for Health Care

On October 15th, a number of CUUSP members participated in the morning picket/sit-in at the offices of Wellpoint in Washington D.C. The protest was a part of the newly-begun Mobilizations for Health Care that are occurring throughout the country. In D.C., Wellpoint executives were asked to come down to talk with the organizers and hear their demands to stop denying people care, but they refused to engage in conversation. About 12 people blocked the sidewalk in front of the building, which provoked a police presence, however no arrests were made.

The purpose of the Mobilizations for Health Care is to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience to send a clear message to Congress and insurance companies that Americans are fed up with the policies of insurance companies and the direction of health care “reform,” which every day seems to concede more power and privileges to insurance companies, placing the interests of these corporations before the well-being of the people. The protest in Washington D.C. received media coverage to help spread the activists’ message, as did the 8 other protests that were staged the same day across the country.

News Channel 8 coverage of protests:

Mobilization for Health Care website:


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